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Vulnerable Staaten versuchen, ökonomisches Wachstum gegen Klimarisiken abzusichern:
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Achieving the Goals of the Paris Climate Agreement – The Road Ahead of Us

Thomas Hirsch Founding Director of Climate & Development Advice (Germany)   Limiting global warming to 1.5°C as a prerequisite for achieving the SDGs The world is at crossroads. Awareness is growing rapidly that overshooting the aspirational goal of the Paris Agreement (PA) to limit global warming to 1.5°C would severely jeopardize the achievem ...



Ein Kommentar von Thomas Hirsch (Climate & Development Advice) und Sabine Minninger (Brot für die Welt). Der Sonderbericht des Weltklimarats IPCC hat erstmals ausführlich den engen Zusammenhang zwischen 1.5°C und dem Erreichen der Ziele nachhaltiger Entwicklung aufgezeigt. Klimaschutz muss jetzt endlich vom bloßen Lippenbekenntnis zum echten Ha ...


Latest Developments in Global Climate Politics and China’s Role Therein  

  A comment of Thomas Hirsch, Founding Director of  Climate & Development Advice.   The Paris Climate Agreement marks a milestone and major success in international climate politics. After years of difficult negotiations, a well-balanced multilateral agreement was achieved, consisting of three major landmark components: Agreement on g ...


COP23 – slow move inside and faster move outside negotiations

A comment of Thomas Hirsch, Founding Director of Climate & Development Advice Bonn in November 2017 ended as another COP without glory: Finally, negotiators got their job done, not more, not less. This is clearly not enough to adequately respond to the Fijian COP Presidency’s call for urgency of action and for keeping the momentum of Paris. Wha ...


COP22 – What to take from it and how to go ahead

COP22 in Marrakech, hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco, attracted much more attention than expected (25,000 participants). It will be reminded as the COP to celebrate the unexpected early entry into force of the Paris Agreement (PA). ...