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CDA - Thomas Hirsch

Welcome at Climate & Development Advice, the international, politically independent and strategically oriented political consultancy.

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Climate change, energy issues and resource conflicts require a policy shift and programmatic change in thinking. That concerns both, humanitarian and developing organizations, policy-makers, the business sector and churches. We analyze and advise, build capacity and give guidance how to innovatively solve political and organizational questions related to transformational change.

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Climate & Development Advice was founded in 2013 by Thomas Hirsch as a consultancy with its headquarter in Germany. The company is specialized in policy advice, project consulting and advanced trainings on the issues of climate, energy, sustainable development, human rights, and corporate social responsibility.  Other services complete the portfolio.

On the basis of a well-functioning international network of associated advisers, Climate & Development Advice offers its services worldwide together with a team of professionals.

As a team with different professional skills and intercultural competences, we are obliged to the goal of supporting civil society, churches, professional organizations, political institutions and the business sector to manage the increasingly crosscutting challenges of sustainable development, climate protection, climate risk prevention and human rights.

Accordingly we offer to our clients specialized analyses, policy advice and advanced trainings. We link up actors, organize dialogue processes, moderate at events and conceptualize educational programs. We develop, accompany and evaluate projects and consult both, strategy and organizational development.