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CDA - Thomas Hirsch

„The cooperation was always extremely helpful for us. What we liked most was the direct and straightforward approach.“

„Your performance was impressive: Very much to the point, eloquent and understandable also for non-experts.“

Clients - Advice: A Matter of Confidence

We advise and support non-governmental organisations, professional organisations, politicians, churches and companies. We commute independently and knowledgeable between the different actors of climate, development and sustainability politics. Long-standing cooperation made us well acquainted with our customers, their varying logics of functioning, organisation culture and needs: this is our strength – and your road to success.

Development and environmental organisations, humanitarian aid agencies and human rights organisations as well as their umbrella organisations are increasingly confronted with issues on the interface of environment and climate on the one hand and poverty eradication, peace and justice on the other. Climate change and growing resource competition threaten development gains and exacerbate poverty and exclusion. This causes conflicts and threatens human security. From which in turn arises a variety of political and programmatic challenges for non-governmental organisations ranging from knowledge management over policy and strategy development to project and programme work. Our services covering different issues help you to meet these challenges successfully.

Professional organisations of technical or financial development cooperation respectively, as well as think tanks, foundations and scientific institutes are key actors in developing and implementing solution strategies for the transition to a sustainable economic management and dealing with the climate impact. They are crucial as initiators and competence centres. With its international network, variety of contacts and comprehensive services Climate & Development Advice is the obvious choice for a reliable partner. Contact us to find out how we can support your work.

The transition to a low-carbon, resource-efficient and human rights-based as well as economically sustainable model of prosperity can only be achieved, if politics set the right regional, national and international parameters. Apart from high professional competence this increasingly demands comprehensive policy advice and a thorough knowledge of international trends and processes. We are experts in German and international climate and development politics, but also cover the related areas of energy, environmental and human rights policies, and humanitarian aid. Whether expert opinion, briefing, speech scripts, strategy development or policy papers: we provide our services systematically and specifically tailored to your needs.

Answers to questions related to climate, development and justice possess a deeply ethical dimension. They are based on cultural values, and for many people they also concern questions of faith. In many countries, churches, their boards, parishes, professional institutions and organizations are increasingly committed to issues of climate justice. This ranges from the theological and spiritual debate on youth and educational work to climate concepts, energy programmes, campaigns and political initiatives. Climate & Development Advice has broad experience with church stakeholders, and thoroughly advises them in many of the processes mentioned here. This not only applies to Germany, but also way beyond. If you need briefing, advanced training or contributors, if you want to develop your own concepts, programmes or campaigns, or become better connected or involved in political processes – we can help you.

Climate protection, resource efficiency and sustainability are requirements of growing importance for the economy and its associations. Regarding corporate responsibility, international companies and investors in particular must add further sustainability criteria: respecting human rights including the supply-chain, social and participative issues, corporate transparency, ethical investment bases, and not least the resilience of the own business model regarding climate impacts.

Building expertise in sustainability as well as the dialogue with politicians, civil society, churches and science become more and more important in an increasingly interdependent world. The experiences of recent years show that issues concerning the future lead to alliances with new and innovative actors and an increasing willingness to engage in dialogue. Whether sustainability profile, compliance or dialogue – feel free to contact us. We can advise and support you.