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CDA - Thomas Hirsch

The UN has urged countries around the world to deliver their updated national climate action plans as soon as possible, reminding governments that their Paris Agreement plans should be submitted "at least 9-12 months" before the crucial COP26 summit kicks off in Glasgow in November next year: Info
Sustainable finance: Germany plans to start releasing green bonds in 2021.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethical criteria are gaining importance as a basis for investment decisions of private, institutional and corporate investors. Disinvestment campaigns, especially in church circles against climate-damaging companies, are currently creating a great stir in the USA. We provide information, documentation and analysis.

How are the growing social, political and economic demands for sustainability and climate protection reflected in your company’s mission statement, strategies, action programmes and decision-making processes? We gladly advise you.

In addition to voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, compliance with international codified regulatory systems, such as the OECD guiding principles or EU transparency rules, is becoming increasingly significant. Moreover, the internationally protected human rights and UN conventions that determine rights for specific groups such as indigenous people, women or children, provide the vital reference framework for responsible and compliant corporate conduct. We assist you in their implementation.