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5 lessons from Coronavirus that will help us tackle climate change:
Climate Risk Index: Last year - Germany among the countries most affected by ember weather worldwide: Link

Human Rights & Safeness

Sustainable development and resource use, along with climate policy and humanitarian aid, have a profound human rights dimension that is partly codified in international law. In practice, however, as resource conflicts prove, their application is often not guaranteed. We provide information, documentation and analysis. We assist you in making the transition from commitment to implementation.

The human rights-based approach of human security is becoming an increasingly important reference framework in international politics. Although it is still at a very early stage, it provides much potential in dealing, for instance, with environmentally induced migration. We can contribute to its further advancement.

Climate change poses an additional threat to the implementation of the human right to food. Yet so far this is hardly reflected in climate policy, climate funding and many adaptation programmes. Little exchange is taking place between the relevant political fields and actors. Climate & Development Advice can encourage discussion and convey knowledge.