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CDA - Thomas Hirsch

Training courses on renewable energies, climate policy & disaster prevention

On the spot: we organize together with local partners guided tours to focal points of climate change for media and scientists.

Advanced Training

Climate – development – human rights: a high degree of constantly updated professional, process and methodological competence is an indispensable prerequisite for successful lobbying and programme work. We help you to advance your competencies specifically. For training courses and individual or project consulting: we are specialised in advanced training worldwide! Our training programme currently offers three fixed courses. Moreover we offer individual consulting or training services tailored to your needs or the requirements of your partners. Contact us!

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Our educational programme is focused on the application-oriented imparting of key qualifications with intensive follow-up training. Our programme covers climate change and international climate policy, climate adaptation and disaster prevention as well as renewable energy. It addresses project managers of development organisations and humanitarian aid agencies as well as decision makers in administration, politics and churches.

The contents of the one- to two-week training courses that we provide on all continents can be adapted precisely to your requirements. They cover the theoretical and practical basics of climate change and international climate policy, risk reduction for natural disasters, climate adaptation as well as the correlation between climate-based development cooperation and emergency relief.

Moreover we offer an excursion across Germany, using numerous examples to convey the German energy transition and the issues surrounding renewable energies, energy policy and climate adaptation in an industrialised country.

For successful political advocacy, lobbying and networking, high professional competence is a necessary, but not the sole requirement. Profound actors’ analysis, clarity concerning objectives and strategies as well as eloquent presence and a convincing narrative are just as important. We provide individual coaching and assist in broaching your venture in a targeted and structured way. We provide custom-made training and strengthen your team.

There is good reason that climate protection, climate adaptation, and risk prevention projects belong to the fastest growing segment of development   cooperation and humanitarian aid. Given the particular technical and professional demands of such projects, many donor and recipient organisations are entering relatively new territory. This may easily lead to disappointment and suboptimal results. Our network of internationally experienced consultants advises you and your partner organisations in project planning, evaluation and implementation towards a systematic climate-proofing of ventures and project applications.