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CDA - Thomas Hirsch

Training courses on renewable energies, climate policy & disaster prevention

On the spot: we organize together with local partners guided tours to focal points of climate change for media and scientists.

Political Consulting

Political decisions in the conflict area between climate, environmental and development policy are at odds with the approach of traditional sectorial policy. Excellent knowledge is therefore needed of the diverse political fields, actors and processes. This is all the more true when not only the national, but also the international political arena is involved. As experts, we conduct research and prepare studies. We advise you in policy analysis, strategy development, networking & communication – so that you achieve your goal more quickly.

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Competence is the key to success. Competence is based on knowledge and the ability to quickly distinguish between the essential and the peripheral. In the global knowledge society with its vast magnitude of rapidly accumulating data, it is decisive to constantly filter and process information and to offer it in an application-oriented manner. We can assist you in this process by conducting research on any of the issues we cover and provide you with the data edited in the form that is required: for briefing or presentation, as a background paper, reader, CD-ROM, newsletter or press review.

Studies are a crucial instrument in preparing and substantiating decisions and political positioning. If you are facing large-scale policy decisions, or want to present important political demands in controversial debates in a convincing way, we can conduct studies on issues that correspond to our thematic core competencies. You can expect a thorough processing of information, excellent analysis and a robust assessment resulting in operational recommendations.

Policy papers on significant issues provide your work with a political and programmatic fundament, long-term orientation and coherence. We assist you in developing profound and ground-breaking policies that will enhance your profile and reputation.

In many parts of the world, the effects of global warming necessitate adaptation measures to mitigate climate impacts. The fields of action are diverse, ranging from coastal protection and flood control via agriculture and water management, infrastructure and city development to education and health systems. The need for adaption is particularly great in the focal points of climate change, that is, in many developing countries. Besides internationally funded state adaptation programmes, smaller-scale adaptation projects, especially from non-government organisations and church institutions, aim to improve the livelihoods of those extremely threatened by poverty and make them climate-proof. We have demonstrable professional expertise and experience in this regard. We offer advice in building corresponding capacities to climate-proof your projects, to further train your co-workers and also to provide long-term project monitoring.

Strategy is the way to reach defined objectives efficiently and effectively. We support your strategy-building process and assist you in developing adequate strategies. Systematic strategy-building succeeds when expedient methods, the right tools and innovative ideas are used in conjunction with a profound policy analysis. Benefit from our methodological competence, comprehensive knowledge of actors and considerable political experience: we assist you in every step of the entire strategy-building process and provide the necessary instruments. We work with a simple, yet effective approach: it begins with determining the objective, followed by a SWOT analysis to specify the political challenges and fields of action, and ends with the design of concrete measures.

A thorough knowledge of political networks is a vital prerequisite for the success of you strategies, political lobby work and advocacy. Networks are the crucial interplay between organised political actors, their interactions, stakes and power structures. The networks in climate and development policy include a rapidly growing group of state and non-state – that is, civil society, private sector, church, science and media – actors. We conduct analyses of actors and networks on your behalf and help to specifically improve your knowledge. Become a successful networker yourself! We assist you in establishing and extending your own networks.

Political success depends considerably upon your communication skills: we assist in developing politically connective key messages and demonstrate how to deliver them convincingly.