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Welcome at Climate & Development Advice, the international, politically independent and strategically oriented political consultancy.

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Political Dialogue

Political decisions are developed in the process of dialogue with various state and non-state actors, including civil society, churches, economy, media and science. The more controversial the policy field, the more important are the dialogue processes. They foster mutual understanding and create trust as a prerequisite for political approximation. We help you to conceptualise, present, and organise dialogue processes and events.

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Dialogue is an indispensable means in the political processes of forming opinions and making decisions. It is as conducive to finding positions and building strategies as it is for networking and political communication. Whether within your own organisation, together with your national and international partners or involving other stakeholders or even political counterparts: in any of the issues covered by us, we will assist in conceptualising, moderating and organising dialogues or dialogue processes, regardless of whether they are formal or informal. With our longstanding experience and the reputation we have gained with stakeholders from the international civil society, church, politics and economy, we engage you in dialogue.

Political events are the public platform on which to initiate a dialogue with your target groups. They open a window to the world to voice your concerns in a prominent way. Like a calling card, your presence testifies to the political culture and style for which your organisation stands. At the same time, events are an important strategic means to mobilise political and media attention and to rally support for your concerns.

Whether national or international workshop, conference or congress, single event or series of events: We assist you in planning and managing your events. The choice is yours: our services range from programme development, location scouting, finding suitable contributors and speakers, to advertisement, moderation, documentation and logistics/accounting. We limit our services to issues surrounding events that we are able to represent competently.

Whether internal strategy workshop, political discussion, international partner consultation, informal fireside chat or congress, the success of any event depends to a high degree on its moderation. Are the goals clearly set and have expectations been communicated in advance among the parties involved? Is the moderation technique appropriate to the occasion, participants and objectives? Does it accomplish a target-oriented discussion? And does it intermediate and indicate possible lines of compromise when the course of discussion becomes controversial? Is everyone feeling appropriately involved? And are the outcomes well summarised and safeguarded for the follow-up process? We have the required professional background knowledge as well as the methodical and communicative competencies to professionally moderate the issues covered by us. Your event will be a success.