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CDA - Thomas Hirsch

Training courses on renewable energies, climate policy & disaster prevention

On the spot: we organize together with local partners guided tours to focal points of climate change for media and scientists.

Strategic Management

Does your organisation have the correct strategic set-up to respond successfully to the fast-changing programmatic, political and communicative challenges that are so characteristic of our world in transition? Are you following a self-determined course? Are you acting with foresight and in a structured manner? Do you obtain the desired effect? Are organisation development and financial management keeping abreast with the goals you have set?

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Strategic planning and keeping the goal in mind create the structural and organisational conditions to stay on target and make an impact. Processual thinkers who plan strategically and continuously analyse the implementation steps by using, for example, milestones and work packages, will not lose track in complex ventures and will recognize in time if countermeasures are required. We can assist you in planning systematically, managing expectations realistically, defusing conflicts earlier on, and in achieving better results.                                                         

In many places impact observation and evaluation meet with great reservations and resistance. Many co-workers and organisations feel browbeaten, other-directed and constricted. We are convinced, however, that correct implementation at an early stage of impact observation and evaluation will be perceived as an asset and work as an incentive. People who are encouraged and enabled to admit mistakes, and who understand change as an opportunity will achieve better results. We provide impact observation and evaluation.

In the long run, organisations that learn dynamically are more successful. They are willing to change and able to advance in the light of new challenges and frameworks. In view of the manifestation of planetary boundaries, such as climate change, the simultaneous perseverance of extreme poverty and the increasing disparity, if the analysis is correct that radical changes are inevitable then this implies that humanitarian and development organisations are required to check and adapt their organisational set-up in order to keep pace.

The size, culture and management style of organisations, as well as many other factors, strongly influence the opportunities and risks of organisation development processes. Professional external monitoring helps to systematically plan this process and manage the necessary changes proactively.

We are specialised for organisations and networks that aim to be better equipped for the challenges of climate and transformation.

Small and medium non-government organisations in particular often have difficulties in equipping their financial management economically but still professionally. This can lead to insufficient planning security, liquidity shortages and problems in project acquisition and financial reporting. The growing demands of large donor organisations may aggravate these problems.

We have great expertise in the key matters of financial management. We can help small and medium non-government organisations to improve their instruments of financial and liquidity planning, cost centre and project sponsor accounting as well as the interfaces for accountancy and financial project management procedures.

Solid financial management creates security and improves chances in project acquisition!