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CDA - Thomas Hirsch

Between January and March 2019, wind and solar power generated record high 49,4 billion kWh or 25% more electricity in Germany as compared to the same quarter in 2018.
“Climate Action Will Shape People’s Lives. They Should Have a Chance to Shape Climate Action”: Link

Climate & Development Advice is located in Germany, where we are firmly established and have good understanding and excellent knowledge of the actors and policy fields at the interface of climate, development, humanitarian aid and human rights.                                        

At the same time we make the world, and in particular the developing countries our home. Intercultural competence, respect and deep appreciation for cultural diversity are major elements of our work. With a still small, but growing network of associated consultants from different regions we aim to take this concept into account. In addition to Germany and Europe our regional priorities are in particular South and Southeast Asia, anglophone Sub-Saharan Africa and Hispanic Latin America. Moreover we advise worldwide active networks.